Acrobat and the PDF workflow

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So, the Publishing Expo went OK, I'll be honest, not the best presentation/demo I've ever given. I didn't help myself by getting my finish time for the presentation wrong and only allowing myself 35 minutes instead of 45, I wondered why I was having to speed through some content. However, I'm going to try and rectify things by using Captivate to capture my demonstration of Acrobat's publishing tools.

This week I'm out visiting some of our channel partners again and greaty looking forward to the experience. A week or so ago, I visited a couple of partners and was simply asked "What can Acrobat do that some other products can't". Well, all it took was around 10 minues showing ePortfolios, Multimedia and Flash capabilities, Reader enablement and those chaps were sold. We've been developing Acrobat for years and guess what, we've been doing more than just tinkering with the menus, there's real DEPTH of capability there. Other products might look similar, but in comparison, it's just a veneer.

By the way, I should also point out that the Acrobat User Community have a free eSeminar running on the 18th Feb at 10:00 am US Pacific time, that's 6:00pm UK time, perhaps not the most convenient but worth a look if you can. It's being run by my colleague Ali Hanyaloglu and despite his tricky to pronounce name, he knows all you'd ever want to know about Acrobat.

To join the eSeminar, register at this link....

Ali would love to have you along!

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Hi Stephen -- Thanks much for the plug about this week's free eSeminar at our site. Just thought I'd add that we also post an archived version of every monthly event for on-demand viewing -->

Best Regards ~ Kurt Foss

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