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I noticed today a few nice reviews of and thought I should point to them so that you don't just have to take my word for it that it's a blooming good service.

So, first of all Tom Strumski notes that.....

"The exciting part is the ability to easily share documents, thus eliminating the need for large email attachments."

I forget how much of a pain large emails can be.... read his full thoughts here

Tom Johnson on the other had has checked out Connect Now at and likes the free virtual meeting room...

But my favourite quote has to go to Adrian Rodriguez who, regarding Connect Now simply says

"First of all, it completely rocks my face off."

Adrian, I hope we haven't hurt your face too much by rocking it off. Didn't John Woo make a film about that a few years ago?

In other, unconnected news.... see what I did there? I'm wondering if you, dear reader, ever use Microsoft Project. If you do and you're currently reading these words, I wonder if you could do me a small favour and add a short comment on the Blog saying so? I'm interested in finding out 2 things....

1. Is there a group of people using MS Project that are interested in Acrobat and PDF generally.
2. Is anyone reading this?

Grazie Mille


Yes, I've been in projects that made extensive use of MS Word. In one project we used it as a standalone product that required the project manager to manually update the file/project plan after collecting progress reports from team leads. In another project we imported/exported tasks to Jira (issue tracking software) where everyone on the project could update their tasks. Jira's import/export meant we didn't have to do so much manual work.

We also used Adobe Connect (we host it) when team members were off site. We made good use of Application sharing in Connect to review the project plan as well as issues in Jira.

Also, you have a typo: "take my work for it" should be "take my word for it"

Typos! My blog is littered with them, I type fast and repent at my leisure. Normally my sister takes me to task on them but thanks for spotting it!

LOL, I wrote MS Word when I meant MS Project...

@ Spartacus. Thanks for the linkage to the linkage.

Another quote for ya. No Seriously, thanks a lot for mentioning me on your blog.

Today I was able to actually use it with someone who had no idea what an online conference could look like. It was an awesome and very useful experience.

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