Acrobat Pro Extended -Yes it's Springtech day2

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This morning I jumped into the Sessions refreshed after a good nights sleep and an early morning Blog post. Today we have been looking at Acrobat pro Extended and specifically the use of the 3D engine, this afternoon we will be looking at the Adobe 3D Reviewer in some more detail.....

The Adobe 3D Reviewer is a separate application that is installed with Acrobat Pro Extended. You can use Adobe 3D Reviewer to work with CAD files in many ways:

* Merge CAD files.
* Compare and measure exact geometry.
* Calculate bounding box and physical properties.
* Move and delete parts.
* Add animations.
* Create exploded views and bills of material.
* Export to neutral formats and raster and vector 2D files.

To edit a 3D model in an open PDF, right-click the 3D model and choose Edit In 3D Reviewer. (If you don’t see Edit In 3D Reviewer in the menu, right-click the 3D model and choose Enable Content first. Also, if the file is protected, you cannot edit it.)


This much I know already, and have used the 3D reviewer in a few meetings, but I'm hoping to learn mothe this afternoon!... The image above? That's what I hope to be my kitchen in our little holiday home.


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