Creatives and Acrobat - Feature envy!

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What a week, it's Friday already! As you know I try to use Connect as often as possible, sometimes though, it just helps to be there. Last week, I spent a day at a seminar for Pugh Computers. Pugh tend to specialise in the Education/Charity/Student sectors and we ran a joint seminar on Acrobat and Adobe CS4.

My colleague and all round publishing expert, Marcus, ran the CS4 session first and my goodness but there's some eye candy in the demos. Spontaneous oooh's and ahhhhs abounded as he ran through working in Photoshop with 3D models, creating video content, repurposing content for the web and on and on!. Great, "next up, Steve to show you PDF Forms" well, that's our standard in-joke anyway.

I ran my more Creative flavour of an Acrobat seminar and to be honest, thanks to the banter we managed to create between myself and the 60 or so delegates, we all had a good time! Acrobat finally has some pretty good eye candy of its own in demo terms, Flash content, ePortfolios, working with video and 3D models... People even found eForms interesting! Apologies to the delegate whose business card I have misplaced, I'll try to work out a way to get in contact regarding an on-site seminar.

As a contrast to that single event for 50 people, I also ran 6 eSeminars last week for one of our resellers. These enabled me to get around all of their customer facing staff in a fraction of the time that it would take with me driving around the country to their various offices.... Thanks Acrobat Connect Pro!

This week was also punctuated by a trip to manchester for an event with DABS, this time a virtualisation seminar, so I had the opportunity to talk about deployment in a virtual environment. The event was held at Old Trafford so I'll not apologise for including a pic from the event....... :-)


Nice view, not too shabby.

Finally a quick thanks for those people who emailed me recently after I asked for info on their use of MS project, cool, more than 3 people read this blog!

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