Large deployments of Acrobat - Custom installers

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I've been speaking with a few organisations looking at widespread deployment of Acrobat (wise people indeed, even in these tough times). It would seem that one of our better kept secrets is the existence of the Acrobat customisation wizard....

The Customization Wizard is a free downloadable utility designed to help the IT department take greater control of enterprise-wide deployments of Acrobat 9 and Reader 9. It has been available since last autumn on The wizard lets IT administrators customise the Acrobat installer and many application features prior to deployment and provides a simpler and more intuitive graphical interface to the Windows Installer for Acrobat.

We have created a datasheet on to learn how the Customisation Wizard which should save you time and give you more control on your enterprise installs. You can download the Customisation Wizard here.

Oh yes, and the datasheet is here!

And in the now traditional "Other news"

United lost, Gloucester lost, Watford lost, England Won! Not the best sporting weekend of my life, still it was made all the more enjoyable by visiting my little neice who seems to have cuteness all sewn up :-)

Later this week, I'll be attending our internal SpringTech seminar event. It's 2 days of tech sharing amongst the European Adobe community. This year for the first time, the event will virtual with all the presentation streams being delivered using Adobe Connect Pro so we will not be descending en masse on a European city. As you can imagine, the city mayors of Europe are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Having so many attractive and intelligent people in one place can cause quite a disturbance and at least their police will not be called upon for any crowd/paparazzi control duties! We're a good looking bunch!!

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I'll try to blog towards the end of this week and let you know how things go!

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