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So, recently, a nice chap over at eWeek called Larry Seltzer published a comparison between Adobe Reader 9 and some PDF viewer alternatives.

Take a look for yourself here

This came as a plesant surprise since it comes after he had previously suggested that companies should consider removing Adobe Reader due to the recent security vulnerabilities.

“After testing was completed, I'm not so anxious to dump Adobe, as all of the programs tested provided reason for concern. Perhaps responsibly managing the vulnerabilities in Adobe products is the best solution.”

In the article, Larry Seltzer could have expanded the range and type of PDF documents he used, and doesn’t discuss printing results much, if at all, but I still congratulate him for keeping an open mind.

Tweet me?

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That'll be me then.......

Acrobat on Twitter!

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Well, I expect that will draw some readers in.... Acrobat on Twitter whatever next?!?


Actually, it's just a great Twitter account/feed that includes short tips from the Acrobat product team to help you use Adobe Acrobat. You can access it here...


Of course, a Blog is far too wordy and boring to read, so we should all be tweeting away on Twitter, in fact, I've just opened an account, I'll have a tinker and see what happens.

Back in Office

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I just wanted to say, I'm back in the office now, so those spam blog commenters can feel free to hit me again! Some thoughts on Acrobat once I've got my head back into work mode and cleared the "few" emails that have arrived whilst I was away in Italy... Yup, I've been painting the apartment again, this time we actually stayed a night!... pics to follow I'm sure :-)