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Yesterday, the Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) posted a Security Bulletin and provided Adobe Reader and Acrobat patches to our Product Update area. This update resolves the vulnerabilities from Security Advisory APSA09-02. Adobe is not currently aware of any exploits in the wild for these issues.

The Product update area can be found here....

Here's your page for Windows downloads....

And here's the page for Mac downloads....

Acrobat wins Codies

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Nice piece of news to top off my weekend after a good solid win for my beloved United in the Manchester derby (just 4 more points needed for the Premiership title).

Adobe Acrobat and both won Awards at this years Codies..


Best Multi-Media Solution
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Best Communication Solution
Adobe, Adobe Systems, Inc.

The CODiE Awards, originally called the Excellence in Software Awards, were established in 1986 by the Software Publishers Association (SPA), now the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), so that pioneers of the then-nascent software industry could evaluate and honor each other’s work. Since then, the CODiE Awards program has carried out the same purpose – to showcase the software and information industry’s finest products and services and to honor excellence in corporate achievement and philanthropic efforts.

The CODiE Awards hold the distinction of being the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program, which provides member companies with a unique opportunity to earn praise from their competitors. Now in its twenty-fourth year, the CODiE Awards program has raised the standard for excellence and serves as prestigious representation of outstanding achievement and vision in the software and information industry..... So now you know!

yes yes yes, I know I normally shy away from talking about eForms in Acrobat and Adobe Reader, it's one of those in jokes that my colleagues love to throw in my direction..... but a quick tip nonetheless

You possibly didn't know this but, Acrobat and Adobe Reader have a preference for allowing auto-complete of form fields.

All you have to do is just select Edit > Preferences > Forms and then you can select Off, Basic, or Advanced. Once you've select Basic or Advanced, then Acrobat will remember what you've input so that you'll have those words, numbers, etc. available in subsequent fields.

There is one exception however -- if the form was created with Adobe LiveCycle Designer, *and* is a dynamic form -- auto-complete will work, but you'll have to double-click to get the auto-complete drop-down with all your saved values.

So there you go, makeing forms easier to fill out in the Adobe Reader or Acrobat.... next up for me, a seminar for the UK Ministry of Defence.... I could tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you!


Adobe Reader issue update

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A Security Advisory has been posted in regards to the Adobe Reader vulnerability last mentioned in the Adobe PSIRT blog on April 28 (“Update to Adobe Reader Issue”, CVE-2009-1492).

We are in the process of fixing the issue, and expect to make available product updates for the relevant supported Adobe Reader and Acrobat versions and platforms by May 12th, 2009. Adobe plans to make available Windows updates for Adobe Reader versions 9.X, 8.X, and 7.X and Acrobat versions 9.X, 8.X, and 7.X, Macintosh updates for Adobe Reader versions 9.X and 8.X and Acrobat versions 9.X and 8.X, as well as Adobe Reader for Unix versions 9.X and 8.X.

Sorry about the recent lack of posts, I've been trying out Twitter and could do with a way for it to hit this blog too.

I've been asked about this in a few emails and comments so here's an update on the Adobe Reader vulnerability first discussed on the Adobe PSIRT blog on April 27 (“Potential Adobe Reader Issue”). All currently supported shipping versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat (Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.1, 8.1.4, and 7.1.1 and earlier versions) are vulnerable to this issue. Adobe plans to provide updates for all supported versions for all platforms (Windows, Macintosh and Unix) to resolve this issue. We are working on a development schedule for these updates and will post a timeline as soon as possible. We are currently not aware of any reports of exploits in the wild for this issue. To mitigate the issue disable JavaScript in Adobe Reader and Acrobat using the following instructions below:

1. Launch Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
2. Select Edit>Preferences
3. Select the JavaScript Category
4. Uncheck the ‘Enable Acrobat JavaScript’ option
5. Click OK

In addition, Adobe is in contact with Antivirus and Security vendors on this issue in order to ensure the security of our mutual customers.

Adobe is also currently investigating the issue posted on SecurityFocus as BID 34740.

We will continue to provide updates on these issues via the Security Advisory section of the Adobe web site, you can find that here...