Adobe Reader issue update

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A Security Advisory has been posted in regards to the Adobe Reader vulnerability last mentioned in the Adobe PSIRT blog on April 28 (“Update to Adobe Reader Issue”, CVE-2009-1492).

We are in the process of fixing the issue, and expect to make available product updates for the relevant supported Adobe Reader and Acrobat versions and platforms by May 12th, 2009. Adobe plans to make available Windows updates for Adobe Reader versions 9.X, 8.X, and 7.X and Acrobat versions 9.X, 8.X, and 7.X, Macintosh updates for Adobe Reader versions 9.X and 8.X and Acrobat versions 9.X and 8.X, as well as Adobe Reader for Unix versions 9.X and 8.X.

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we have now a solution to deactivate Javascripts by policy for 600 clients/users. but the big problem is, that a dialog pup up and ask the user: do you want to activate javascripts?

how to disable that by reg?

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