Quick tip: eForms - Auto-Complete in Acrobat & Reader

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yes yes yes, I know I normally shy away from talking about eForms in Acrobat and Adobe Reader, it's one of those in jokes that my colleagues love to throw in my direction..... but a quick tip nonetheless

You possibly didn't know this but, Acrobat and Adobe Reader have a preference for allowing auto-complete of form fields.

All you have to do is just select Edit > Preferences > Forms and then you can select Off, Basic, or Advanced. Once you've select Basic or Advanced, then Acrobat will remember what you've input so that you'll have those words, numbers, etc. available in subsequent fields.

There is one exception however -- if the form was created with Adobe LiveCycle Designer, *and* is a dynamic form -- auto-complete will work, but you'll have to double-click to get the auto-complete drop-down with all your saved values.

So there you go, makeing forms easier to fill out in the Adobe Reader or Acrobat.... next up for me, a seminar for the UK Ministry of Defence.... I could tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you!


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