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BTW:- T20 World Cup

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I just wanted to say what an enjoyable day we had at the T20 World Cup final at Lords. We were seated amongst a large number of Pakistan fans and although they didn't make as much noise as the Indian fans last week, there was some great banter and it was backed up by an excellent game of T20. Lords looked splendid as usual too!


Hi, good Monday morning to ya. I was asked a few weeks ago about the history of Acrobat and to be honest, I rambled a bit and then moved on. I've since been sent a great list of release dates for the various Acrobat versions, interesting reading for the oldies amongst us....

Hello, bonjour, ciao!

It's been an interesting few weeks in British politics, but whatever the rights and wrongs of the government’s decision to ‘redact’ or black out the details of MPs expenses online, it once again highlights the ongoing need for organisations to publish original documents electronically without exposing sensitive information.


Acrobat.com - catch up

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So, after a year of being a 'beta site' we've take a big step towards realizing our vision of a new way to work on Acrobat.com.

We have launched Acrobat.com Premium subscriptions for more intensive business use. And we give a look into the future of Acrobat.com for the coming year, starting with the unveiling of our spreadsheet product, Acrobat.com Tables, on our Labs website. Lots of news, and I'm sorry I didn't mention it at the time but two weeks ago we released Acrobat.com Presentations.... go find them at http://labs.acrobat.com/

Acrobat Security

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I was talking to a few colleagues about the whats and whys of security in Acrobat. As you might know, I like to have a flow or story in my mind when talking about business and/or Acrobat. So, for what it’s worth, here’s my short version of the Security story…

• Security is becoming a bigger issue for our customers, well, for everyone with high value information
• The penalties for losing data are higher than ever
• So companies shave spent a lot on perimeter security (logins to multiple systems etc)
• BUT this misses all that data that gets shared in an ad-hoc, uncontrolled way from the desktop
• So Acrobat can help in this area
• People trust PDF as a secure format so it’s the best place to start
Even if just making a PDF it’s not as secure as people expect
• We can add a whole range of security features to a PDF
Protecting the content with redaction and watermarks, checking for metadata
Protecting the wrapper with encryption, passwords and digital certificates
• We can even link into LiveCycle Rights management services
• But best of all, it’s EASY to use
• Promoting high user uptake and actually being beneficial

Just my way of putting it anyway........

BTW: Ronaldo sold for £80Million, great business, bring on Benzema!

Acrobat Security BLOG

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Good morning there! The first quarterly security update has been posted for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 7, 8 and 9 (specifically, 9.1.2, 8.1.6 and 7.1.3). The ASSET security bulletin, with links to download the patches, has been posted here...

The ASSET security bulletin, with links to download the patches, has been posted to


Going forward, the ASSET security blog should be a really useful and proactive one.

Blog problems

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I've not been able to log onto my blog for a while.... Add this to a short holiday and all of a sudden my blogging has been replaced by some Twittering..... That's like snacking at a buffet, tasty, but no replacement for a proper meal.

Everything seems to be back in order now, so I shall resume blogging, hurrah or bother! depending on your point of view.

I'm currently averaging 2 customer meetings per day, so as you can imagine time is short but I'll see what I can do.

Flavour of the month: Desktop Document Security

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