Acrobat Security

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I was talking to a few colleagues about the whats and whys of security in Acrobat. As you might know, I like to have a flow or story in my mind when talking about business and/or Acrobat. So, for what it’s worth, here’s my short version of the Security story…

• Security is becoming a bigger issue for our customers, well, for everyone with high value information
• The penalties for losing data are higher than ever
• So companies shave spent a lot on perimeter security (logins to multiple systems etc)
• BUT this misses all that data that gets shared in an ad-hoc, uncontrolled way from the desktop
• So Acrobat can help in this area
• People trust PDF as a secure format so it’s the best place to start
Even if just making a PDF it’s not as secure as people expect
• We can add a whole range of security features to a PDF
Protecting the content with redaction and watermarks, checking for metadata
Protecting the wrapper with encryption, passwords and digital certificates
• We can even link into LiveCycle Rights management services
• But best of all, it’s EASY to use
• Promoting high user uptake and actually being beneficial

Just my way of putting it anyway........

BTW: Ronaldo sold for £80Million, great business, bring on Benzema!

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