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With so many customer visits and eSeminars recently, I am noticing some trends in terms of what's high on people's agendas. Two ears, one mouth, used in that ratio have helped....

Security keeps popping up as a topic for discussion and it's one that we enjoy having since we can talk about document security from a reasonably firm basis. This has been enhanced by the latest news on how we are trying to increase trust in digital signatures.......

"Over the years, Adobe has made electronic documents and workflows easier, more efficient, and more secure. With one of the leading implementations of electronic signatures on the market, Adobe products allow you to go the last mile by eliminating the need to print a document out just to sign it. At the same time, we've also been busy behind the scenes working on ways to better deliver trust in those electronic and digital signatures so users can rely fully on these new workflows. Today, we're announcing the launch of our latest trust effort, the Adobe Approved Trust List...available now.

Read the full article here.....

Again, we're talking about those things that have surfaced in recent meetings and eSeminars. Shared reviews still get people interested, the idea that everyone can start launching comments on a document at the same time is quite novel. It is also quite enjoyable to watch your document get commented on in real time as a load of colleagues start picking your work to bits. I've even seen virtual arguements start as people see each others comments and react, ahhh living my ife vicariously!

So a quick reminder on how to do a shared review for you.....

Easy peasy security too

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Have I blogged before about "Save as certified"?

I'm sorry if I have but again, it's been coming up recently with all the eSeminars I've been running. It's such a simple security feature to use that I show it to most people now. May existing users have said.. "Ahh so that's what that menu item's for"

Lesson learned.... go play with the product you've already bought, it's chock full of meaty goodness.


as I mentioned recently, in recent meetings with existing Acrobat users, I've been answering quite a few questions regarding accessibility. My initial answer has always been that PDF is the best place to start to create accessible documents, but why is that? Well PDF files have certain characteristics that can make them more accessible.......

Long weeked!

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Well, just returned from a long weekend away in Woolacombe (see post from March)....

Spent Monday morning talking surfing over breakfast with a 79 year old woman, sh still surfs most weeks! Man do I feel like an underachiever!

PDF Accessibility

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I've been meeting and talking with some UK Local Authorities this week and have been asked a lot about Accessibility in PDF files. (By the way, have I been piling up the miles or what?)

For me accessibility really starts with Tagging, and as luck would have it, I've just seen a great article about defining PDF accessibility from WebAIM and you can read it here...