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Innovation award

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Hi there, the weeks keep on rolling by,

I just thought I would share some news that's exciting for us at Adobe,--- John Warnock and Chuck Geschke (Our founders) have been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. The medal will be awarded by President Obama in a White House ceremony on Oct. 7, 2009.

Links to press releases and National Medal of Honor website -

Going paperless - PDF's

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CNET publishes a nice story about a reporter's effort to go paperless in his personal life. The article includes a section on PDF, and Acrobat and Adobe Reader are discussed. Adobe's John B. Harris is quoted and states, "We're very keen on the idea of banks, institutions, and utilities moving back to a more active delivery of a statement."

Read the full story here

Acrobat outside your work

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Just caught a really nice article by Stephen Shankland that echoed my own initial use of Acrobat. I first started to exploit all that Acrobat can do in a non work environment.... Moving house in 2006, read what he says here...

New Adobe TV is live

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Good morning, and what a great morning it is to be an English chap.... Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick reminder that the new Adobe TV website is now live at...

I'd suggest the PDF development channel, but then I'm biased :-)

Nice start to September...

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I couldn't post just once could I?

Gloucester produced a clinical display to dominate an entertaining West country derby with poor deluded Bath.

Nicky Robinson capped a fine league debut with a late breakaway try to end any hope of a late Bath fightback.

James Simpson-Daniel finished off a good first-half move to score their opening try and then ran 75m to finish off a fine interception..... Here he is, looking happy!


Shontayne Hape's late try brought Bath within two scores of their rivals, but Robinson sealed his side's opening win.

Some stats

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How on earth did I go for four weeks without posting even though I haven't been on hols or anything? What have I been doing for 20 days....

25 Customer meetings, all over the country (Swansea, Norfolk, Manchester, London, Farnborough amongst others), 4 full days with our channel partners, 2 days at The V-festival, one wedding and a 3rd birthday party..... busy!

In other news, I hear today that Dr. John Warnock and Dr. Charles (Chuck) Geschke, our co-founders at Adobe, have been honoured with the global Ipex 2010 'Champions in Print' awards.