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How on earth did I go for four weeks without posting even though I haven't been on hols or anything? What have I been doing for 20 days....

25 Customer meetings, all over the country (Swansea, Norfolk, Manchester, London, Farnborough amongst others), 4 full days with our channel partners, 2 days at The V-festival, one wedding and a 3rd birthday party..... busy!

In other news, I hear today that Dr. John Warnock and Dr. Charles (Chuck) Geschke, our co-founders at Adobe, have been honoured with the global Ipex 2010 'Champions in Print' awards.

....The awards acknowledge the huge contribution of those who have influenced and shaped the development of the printing industry.

The Ipex Advisory Committee, has awarded the accolade in recognition of the roles they played in inventing Adobe PostScript technology which revolutionised desktop publishing by providing a radical new approach to printing text and images on paper.

John Warnock says, "We are delighted to accept the Ipex "Champions in Print" award. When Chuck and I founded Adobe in 1982, we hoped our technology would have the potential to make an important contribution to the communication of ideas. But if anyone had told us it would be part of revolutionizing the printing and publishing industry, we would have been sceptical. We were fortunate in that we have always hired bright and creative people at Adobe. I'm proud to say that Adobe has been built on the legacy that has continued to revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information, whether in print, on the Web and across all manner of devices."

Chuck Geschke says, "We are honoured to accept this award on behalf of everyone at Adobe who has worked with us to advance the future of the print and publishing industry. The revolution that began as desktop publishing in the late 1980s changed the cost, productivity and efficiency of an industry without compromising the 500 years of the traditional aesthetics and quality of the printing trade. The technology and products developed at Adobe since its founding have had a major influence on the evolution of the graphics arts industry. Today, Adobe continues to drive the transformation of print communications from a manual, mechanical process to a fully digital workflow."

Geschke and Warnock met in the late 1970s at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre, where Geschke directed research activities in computer science, graphics, image processing and optics, and Warnock worked as a principal scientist. The pair went on to set up Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1982 and launched PostScript which enabled content from a computer file to be printed exactly as it appeared on screen, with all formatting, graphics and fonts intact.

Building on the success of PostScript technology, their company expanded into desktop publishing software with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. These applications enabled designers to create and manipulate complex images and graphics for print. Later on, the launch of Adobe InDesign redefined page layout for publications, allowing many magazines, newspapers and corporate brands to adopt modern production workflows. The development of Adobe Acrobat software, and the Portable Document Format (PDF), helped advance the print industry further by enabling the use of electronic files for high-fidelity printing.

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