Cloudy with outbreaks of files

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I seem to be working with cloud computing again. There's been a bit of a pause but I've also noticed that cloud computing has hit the peak of the Gartner hype curve.... see attached...

hype curve.jpg

But, although cloud computing might be about to enter thr "trough of disillusionment", as the next image shows....

tech value.jpg

It does look like Cloud Computing could be here to stay as a major impacting technology. In all the comparisons I've seen recently, shows up pretty well so I'll let you know more on where it's going as soon as I'm able to....

In the meantime, checkout because it's a great set of online services -- file sharing and storage, a PDF converter, an online word processor, and web conferencing -- you can use to create and share documents, communicate in real time, and simplify working with others.


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