ePortfolios, topic of the month

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I'm still running loads and loads of webinars for customers and new prospects. Once of the things that is still grabbing attention with the people I meet is the ability to create and share an ePortfolio.

the Adobe Acrobat User Community have ePortfolios as their topic of the month and I heartily (never thought I'd use that word in a blog) reccomend a visit to the site...


It's a great site that I try to view every few days. It has great content as well as some of the best Acrobatr minds out there.

In fact, later in October, the 21st to be precise, Lori DeFurio will be running an eSeminar to share with you how easy it is to organize content from a variety of sources--including documents, email, images, spreadsheets, and web pages--in a single searchable PDF Portfolio, compressed for easy distribution.

She will show you how to use professional designed templates that can be branded with your company logo and colors. Quickly integrate content, define navigation and add polish to communicate clearly and effectively. Apply permissions and passwords to help protect sensitive information. Share information with anyone using free Adobe Reader software.

here's the topic link for you... http://www.acrobatusers.com/monthly_topic/2009/10


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