Well last week was busy!

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No post last week, sorry about that, no great excuse, just very busy. We managed an Acrobat call blitz day which went very well, thanks in no small part to our new Marketing manager for Acrobat.

As a result of the call blitz I'm running a few online eSeminars this week, if you want to find out a little more and perhaps register too, here's the url you need....


just take a look and hit the "Register" button. The eseminars are running on Tuesday and Thursday and I'll be looking at....

  • Manage collaborative reviews in multiple formats. Track, collect and organise feedback faster than ever, share files safely and streamline approvals electronically.

  • Turn paper-based workflows into electronic formats. Cut costs drastically, find and re-use existing information and increase responsiveness.

  • Keep sensitive information in the right hands. Control user access, set permissions and passwords, redact confidential data and certify finalised files.

  • Simplify your archiving and document compliance. Preserve official documents in PDF format, combine and deliver content more easily and reduce your company's liabilty

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