Adobe Flash Player Background Updater for Mac now in Beta!

After releasing Adobe Flash Player Background Updater for Windows in Flash Player 11.2 just about a week ago, I’m happy to say that we just released a beta version of the same updating mechanism for Mac.

The feedback for this feature on Windows has been predominantly positive and we are excited about all the feedback we got from the community. If you have followed the comments in my previous post, you are aware that some aspects of the updater had potential for improvement. This feedback was great and will allow us to make the product even better in the future.

Ideally, we can get this type of feedback during the beta program. Therefore, I encourage everyone to try the Background Updater on Mac and provide us with as much feedback as possible.

Here is how you can test it out:

1. Go to our Labs website

2. Download the latest beta release build for Mac (version 11.3.300.214)

3. Leave your system connected to the internet for at least one hour after the installation.

4. After approximately one hour, go to and verify the version of Flash Player. It should now read 11.3.300.217.


If the version still displays 11.3.300.214, try restarting your browser. The browser can keep old versions of Flash Player in memory until it is closed. A restart will guarantee that it will load Flash Player from your hard drive.


Let us know if the update was successful. You can leave feedback in the comments or in the Adobe Flash Player beta forums.

I’m excited to hear what you have to say! Smile