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Zynga’s Ruby Blast with FP 11 and Stage 3D

Zynga has announced their latest Facebook game, Ruby Blast! Incorporating the latest in Flash and Stage3D development, this addicting experience aims to take ‘match-three’ games to the next level. More info is available on the Digital Media blog.


Monster Truck Maniac 2

Still recovering from all the 3D games, I’ve been playing Monster Truck Maniac 2 this week. What surprised me in this game was the fairly crisp sound, which makes it a pleasure to play.




The levels are different enough to capture your attention for quite a while. It felt to me like I was playing multiple skill games at the same time.


What are your favorite games?

Warfare 1917- simple, yet addictive game

After playing around with many of the 3D games that have been released in the recent past, I suddenly felt the urge to look back at more traditional games. One game that I became a bit addicted to in the recent past is Warfare 1917. It is a simple matter of defeating your opponent. Based on the strategy and weapons that you’re using, you will either be successful or will have to repeat the level. Not very complicated, yet surprisingly addictive.


Since I’m always on the lookout for great Flash games I was wondering: What is your favorite Flash game?

Angry Birds on Facebook runs on Flash!

This has obviously been mentioned by many people before, but I think it’s so amazing that it deserves to be mentioned again: Angry Birds on Facebook is running on Flash!

You can play it here:

For people like me who are interested in the technical aspects of why and how Rovio developed Angry Birds for Facebook in Flash, read the very interesting interview with Ville Koskela (Lead Flash Programmer of Angry Birds for Facebook).

Flash Runtime for Gaming

Adobe released a new micro-site this week that focuses on gaming. Here is a sneak peak of the site:


This comes right on the heels of an announcement on the Digital Media blog that Adobe AIR 3.2 has received a huge performance boost.


I invite you to go and try it out. Please let me know what you think of the new gaming initiative in the comments!

Flash Game Programming

For people like me who work on the actual Flash Runtime it is sometimes easy to forget how our product is being used. I came across an introduction to Flash Game programming on YouTube today that made me stop and think for a moment. Believe it or not, I suddenly realized how easy it is to get a basic game up and running in Flash. Crazy, right? Here’s the video:



I thought this was a neat little game that demonstrated the basics of game programming in Flash quite well. Knowing that there are very advanced games in Flash too, it sure seems like Flash allows everybody to develop games that match their skill set. One of my favorite games is Zombie Tycoon:



Have you coded your own game in Flash yet? Smile