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Of course the exciting news today is that we’re releasing the Spry framework. Spry was designed to help web designers (AKA front-end developers) be successful with Ajax. This is our first pass and we’ve focused on making it easier to retrieve and manage data without a page refresh. We’ve tried to keep the framework simple to use with the goal of making it feel like a natural extension to your existing workflows.

Please check out the Spry forum and Wiki to post questions and see what other people are doing with Spry. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Spry Team

12 Responses to Hello

  1. Ruben says:

    Let’s try it 🙂

  2. I’ll have a look, is this like the prototype framework then?

  3. Good work here. I guess Spry has the potentials to becoming the most popular Ajax framework out there.It would be very nice if a Dreamweaver extension could be created that would allow DW to drill down using the Spry framework just like you gave for Recordsets, DB, etc.

  4. It would be nice to see if it could be modified so it doesn’t use proprietary attributes (‘spryregion’, ‘spryrepeat’) in the tags which currently trigger ‘warnings’ in the W3C/Tidy reports.

  5. You guys need to post more. 🙂 Like about the 1.1 update.

  6. Marcantonio Silva says:

    Great job,From what I see, you’re delivering an amazing product. It was really easy to install and integrate it to my ColdFusion application.I’d like to see more Effects, like the Accordion, I can guess that you are cooking something.If you do this I would simply replace my Moo.fx, Scriptaculous and Rico widgets for one only robust framework.Opacity, drag and drop, some animation, an “in place editor” and you’re done.Great work, I hope that you will continue delivering a good product on the next releases.Regards,Marcantonio Silva

  7. Raman Basu says:

    There should be enough information about how to handle, upload and process multipart-formdata oriented file uploads. Will your framework process multiple files???

  8. HelloI have problems with XMLs that are from other Domains…you said in the help file that i should use Cross-domain but don’t khow what that is!!!please help me…thanks

  9. Bruce says:

    Thank you for releasing Spry. I’m using it in several pages on our company’s intranet. It’s much simpler to build a dynamic table that is sortable by each column using Spry than just using coldfusion.One challenge I have is formatting the dates in my table. The date returned in the XML is a long date ( 2006-05-08 00:00:00.0 ) and I want to display it in the table like 5/8/2006.I can’t use the CF dateFormat() function since the value for the date is not provided on the server where CF can use it.I though of writing a JavaScript function to return the date in the format I want but that seems like some work since I’m not a JavaScript guru.I was wondering if Spry has any date formating functions built in?Thanks Again,Bruce

  10. Ian says:

    Just discovered spry, when trying to find more about AJAX.I noticed the date for all the stuff seems to be May, it’s now July, is Spry still a going concern?

  11. Vaughn says:

    Good question. Is Spry still a going concern? Or, is this blog dead? The forum seems to be nearly dead.

  12. Carty01 says:

    Same problem, I need to change the spry date format. I’m pulling in a feed from WordPress.