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Time to fire up the Spry blog

Hey Spry:fans,

I decided it’s time to start blogging. I think there is enough action in the Spry world that this would be a good forum to make announcements, let you know what’s coming up and foster discussions about Spry and the Ajax community at large.

I’m not sure how often I will be posting; as often as I have something to say I suppose, but hopefully this can be another source of Spry info for our burgeoning community.

My first real piece of relevant info: We fixed a bug we found in Effects that causes elements to change positions in a poor manner. To fix this we uploaded a fixed version of SpryEffects.js. If you find that your effects aren’t working correctly, try downloading the new version from:

Also, we have been negligent in posting clear links to all our documentation. Therefore, we posted a docs page: .

I put a link to this page from the Spry homepage, replacing the incomplete list of docs that was there before.
That’s it for now. More soon.

Donald Booth
Adobe Spry Team