Spry Widgets and Tab Index

Hi Spry:fans,

It has been a big week here at Adobe. We announced CS3, so we can finally talk about Spry integration into DW. While I will jump into that topic in more detail later, I just wanted to quickly discuss a point that has been brought up in reference to widgets, accessibility and standards.

We are using tabindex in our widgets, like on the Collapsible Panel and Menu bar, to enable keyboard navigation. It has been pointed out by some that this doesn’t validate as it is an improper use of the attribute.

We are taking the tack of favoring accessibility and usability over validation in this scenario. Both IE and Mozilla-based browsers have implemented the tabindex to work on most page element just for this reason. We feel that this usefulness for accessibility outweighs validation concerns.

Of course, our widgets are set up to also accept tags in the tabs, which will allow it to get focus. Choose either method.

While tabindex will fail current W3C validation, the standards are catching up. Note that Tab Index is discussed in W3C specs, including the WAI-ARIA:

The Spry team will be discussing standards and accessibility more in the near future.

P.S. Note on the 1.5 Preview: We just added the Effects Migration doc that explains the changes that will be required to go from 1.4 to 1.5.

5 Responses to Spry Widgets and Tab Index

  1. William from Lagos says:

    Hi,I would please want you to verify an issue for me. What version of Spry is included in the Dreamweaver CS3?And knowing that Spry isn’t still a finished framework, how would Dreamweaver CS3 be updated when a new version of Spry comes out?

  2. Hi, William-I believe Spry 1.4 is what will ship with CS3, but the team has taken care to make sure dropping in the new 1.5 libs should be easy and backwards-compatible to any custom code you’ve written.There are several good ways of updating DW CS3 with future Spry builds (Adobe Update manager, new MXP available for download from the DW Start panel, etc) but I don’t believe the team has decided on one just yet, so keep posted.

  3. Aaron Roberson says:

    Please tell me what version of Spry is rolled-up in DW CS3?I am a bit curious to know why Spry is integrated in DW CS3 prior to Spry being code-complete. Is the API complete which makes it possible to hard-code it into DW and still allow for future updates? If so, is there a mechanism built into DW that will allow us to update the Spry Framework or perhaps a back door that we could use to manually update Spry?Thanks for your reply!

  4. Leonardo Bonilla says:

    hello there im trying to edit a accordion spry, so that it works with a over behavior and not with a click to pass between tabs. how can i do that?

  5. SamBO says:

    Hi.I downloaded SPRY 1.5 and replace the 1.4 SPRY. Ever since I did taht…I cannot view the widget properties inspector anymore. I copied 1.4 back into the configuration, and it is still not showing the properties inspector at all. It doesn’t even give the blue highlight like it used to.Help please.Thanks,Sam