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Hi Spry:fans,

Quick notes from the Spry world.

First, tomorrow is Spry’s 1 year anniversary on Labs! Thanks to everyone that has joined our Spry community. We appreciate your interest and all the feedback we have gotten over the past year. Spry is better because of it.

Second, the Spry team is busy putting the final touches on the Spry 1.5 Prerelease. We expect it out next week.

Have you seen the Spry LiveDocs?
LiveDocs allow you to post comments and questions that we use to improve the documentation. The idea is that LiveDocs will have documentation that has had time to settle. Features like the new 1.5 stuff will exist on Labs and in the zip. Once those are out for a few months, we will move them to LiveDocs. We also incorporate the suggestions into the next rev. Check them out.

We also now have a Spry Developers Center. Check out the articles there. Let us know if you have ideas for new articles or even if you want to write one yourself!

An example of Spry for those of you with Adobe CS3 products. If you open the Help Pages and do a search, the results are done with Spry!

Due to user demand, the Spry team put out the SpyURLUtils.js file last week or so. Once included on the page, you can set up a variable that gathers either the URL parameters or hashes and populates the var. Now you can easily use them throughout the page. The samples we wrote show how to use them to have a particular Tabbed Panel tab open. This grabs the panel number from the URL and uses it in the constructor. There is also an example of how to specify a specific row for a detail region with Spry Data and URL params. These will be in the Spry 1.5 release and on the Labs site once we go live.

And a final note, at the end of the month, there are going to be a couple Spry seminars in Europe. This humble member of the Spry team will be presenting an overview of Spry. If you can be in Rome on May 29th, or in Milan (Pavia) on May 31st, please come by and check it out.

Next stop: Spry 1.5.



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  1. Hannes Löhr says:

    I think, i can use this new feature to build a history (go back button) for my Spryalbums and to go directly to each album from the menu.A thousand thanks.Hannes Löhr