Schedule, Widget, Styling and Source

Good morning spry:fans,

This part of the Spry team is back at his post in California, busy with the next Spry release. I wanted to pass along a couple Spry developments here.

First, the Spry team has decided that we wanted to get some more features into the zip before we could really call it gold. To us, a gold or ‘production’ release not only means that is it stable code, but also that the package includes all the big features that users will need to use Spry robustly. Since are working on additional features that will make a more complete release, we decided to hold off on the gold release until we were all happy with the feature set.

So the next version will be Pre-release 1.6 and we are expecting to release at the end of the summer. We will be dealing with HTML fragments, unobtrusive Spry and a slick CSS selector utility.

But in the meantime, we just posted a widget that we couldn’t quite get in for 1.5. We are happy to preview our new Tooltip widget. You can find that and additional links, including the overview doc, on the Preview page:

Also, we have had many questions lately about styling the Menu Bar widget. Towards that, we posted a few more styling samples on the samples page:

Lastly, I just found this toolkit for IE7. It does many things, but mostly, Spry developers finally have a way to View Generated Source for IE7. Of course, I presume that everyone already has Firebug installed for Firefox…