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Effects Sample

Hi spry:fans,
A quick note.
I know we have had this sample for a while, but I was just testing it (for a cool new DW feature…), and was reminded of how cool it is.
It shows all the different combinations of our Effect transitions.
But it also graphs the curves, so you can visually compare the difference between ‘sinusoidal’ and ‘fifth’.
AND, it builds the constructor for you!
As you change the properties and fire them off, the constructor example code updates to reflect your changes.
Then you can just copy and paste that into your page. Super nice.
So that’s all. Just wanted to pass that along.

Spry 2008

Hi Spry:team,

A late welcome to 2008. I have been meaning to update you all on what we have been doing lately. That last comment by Fred finally got me moving!

I have a couple things for you all.

First: What’s up with Spry? Well, part of the Spry team has been working on Dreamweaver features, so our time dedicated to Spry has been temporarily lessened. Dreamweaver is the priority project and since we are on the DW team, we need to ensure that it gets what it needs. So we haven’t been able to work on Spry as much as we would like. The other part of the Spry team has been busy as well, working on widgets and helping to execute our super cool plans for widgets in the next version of DW. I can’t say what that is, but I think the DW community will be quite happy with the new widget stuff.

Secondly, we just pushed a new widget to preview! You can now check out this page: and see our new Ratings Widget. We have links to source code and relevant samples. Please check it out and provide feedback on it. Let us know what you like and don’t like. Tell us what’s missing or could be done better.

See, so things are getting done!

We don’t have a date for Spry 1.7 yet, but there will definitely be one. We just need to get our DW stuff done and then we will be back, working on the next version. We will try to preview other items as well, as they get completed. Stay tuned.