Spry 2008

Hi Spry:team,

A late welcome to 2008. I have been meaning to update you all on what we have been doing lately. That last comment by Fred finally got me moving!

I have a couple things for you all.

First: What’s up with Spry? Well, part of the Spry team has been working on Dreamweaver features, so our time dedicated to Spry has been temporarily lessened. Dreamweaver is the priority project and since we are on the DW team, we need to ensure that it gets what it needs. So we haven’t been able to work on Spry as much as we would like. The other part of the Spry team has been busy as well, working on widgets and helping to execute our super cool plans for widgets in the next version of DW. I can’t say what that is, but I think the DW community will be quite happy with the new widget stuff.

Secondly, we just pushed a new widget to preview! You can now check out this page: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/preview/ and see our new Ratings Widget. We have links to source code and relevant samples. Please check it out and provide feedback on it. Let us know what you like and don’t like. Tell us what’s missing or could be done better.

See, so things are getting done!

We don’t have a date for Spry 1.7 yet, but there will definitely be one. We just need to get our DW stuff done and then we will be back, working on the next version. We will try to preview other items as well, as they get completed. Stay tuned.



10 Responses to Spry 2008

  1. Michele says:

    for “the next version of DW” referring you “dreamweaver cs4/9” (summer 2009) or an update of dwcs3 ? I mean the next full release of DW, not CS3, and I can’t say anything about the timeframe…Don

  2. Fred Klopper says:

    Hello Don,5 Stars!With best regards,Fred

  3. Joseph Lowery says:

    Sweet, Don! I did notice that the observer version example didn’t really do what I expected. I was expecting the rating on the right to reflect whatever rating I chose on the left – but there was no change on the right for me. Did I misunderstand the purpose here? Hi Joe, Thanks for catching that. I fixed the typo and am getting it to the site soon.

  4. Danilo Celic says:

    Was there a particular reason to use a text field instead of a set of radio buttons, or a select list? I ask because most implementations of a rating system that I’ve seen using form elements use a predefined value in either a set of radio buttons or a select list.I’m eagerly awaiting the any new widgets.

  5. Danilo Celic says:

    Thinking more on this, I can see why the text field was used for the initial value of the widget when it is populated from an existing value, at least if you’re showing fraction of a star. Beyond that the radio buttons or select list would be good for initial inserts, as well as for user’s adding or updating their selection, otherwise, you’re getting into client-side value validation to limit to ints, or to something within the range of values you’re working with.

  6. Brennon Obst says:

    Great work on the stars preview and I cant say for dreamweaver work yall are doing but I can say that you/we “want/need” to dedicate some full time resources spry. Dreamweaver is all good and well but Spry is more fun to talk/read about.

  7. Robert says:

    Is it possible to implement the “x-requested-with: XMLHttpRequest” header by default for each XHR request?Most frameworks use this header to check if a request was made with Ajax and most of the other frameworks use it.

  8. tony says:

    Are we going to continue to see the slow conservative rollout of all of the previous Interakt Ajax Toolkit features that Adobe acquired? The ratings widget was one of those.

  9. Rox Dawson says:

    Date validation with ‘dd-mmm-yyyy’ or ‘dd mmm yyyy’ or any usual form of textual months would be great for non US uses. ‘dd-mm-yyyy’, ‘dd/mm/yyyy’, etc do not go into databases nicely or even predictably.I know month abbreviations are different in each language but validating in the local format is worthless if you need to process the value before entering to a database.

  10. Gary Gilbert says:

    Hi Donald and Team,Thanks for making the rating widget it’s really quite cool and useful. I created a coldfusion component to make it even simpler and also be able to “host” the widget + db on my own server. I have it working wonderfully using JS includes with firefox but it barfs on MSIE complaining that Spry is undefined. Undoubtedly it’s a js parsing problem or in what order MSIE is executing the included scripts.The basic setup of my script would look something like this:”javascript”> var ratingName = ‘ratingWidget4′; var ratingTitle =’Rate this post with javascript’; var numberOfStars = 5; “JavaScript” src=”http://www.garyrgilbert.com/ratingWidget/spryRatingWidget.js” type=”text/javascript”>dropping that script into an html page and calling it up in firefox produces a ratings widget, in IE an error.Any hints would be appreciated.Regards,Gary Gilbert