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CS 4 and Web Widgets

Hi Spry:fans,
Just wanted to let you all know that the CS4 products are now available!
You got sneak peak with the public beta but now you can have it for real.
Check out the Adobe home page for more info.
I mentioned last time about the new Spry widgets and also the excellent upgrade on the Spry Data Set Wizard.

One new feature that I wanted to mention is somewhat Spry related.
Spry has some good widgets but the Dreamweaver team recognizes that there are hundreds if not thousands of other excellent widgets. We now have a mechanism to get them into DW.

We have been working on the web widgets feature. This is first:
A set of widgets from (gasp) other frameworks that can now be loaded into Dreamweaver CS4.
These widgets can be downloaded from the Exchange:

Phatfusion is first out the door with some real high quality widgets. Thanks to Sam for his efforts in converting his widgets into Dreamweaver extensions!
Hot on his heels will be extensions from YUI and jQuery UI. Keep your eye out for them.

They were created by the second web widget point: The web widget Packager.
This is an extension for Dreamweaver that will take a widget XML file and create the extension automatically.
Check out the details here:
Now anyone can create widget extension for Dreamweaver.


Spry and DW CS4

Hi All,
Well, we have come up for air after the big Dreamweaver effort (The Spry team is a subset of the DW team…) and are surveying the landscape.
I wanted to first update you on what we have been doing.
As I alluded to above, we have been heads down on DW for the last few months. It’s a strong release with many great new features.
DW CS4 will now also support HTML Datasets, with a great interface for selecting data and the ability to easily build some starting Spry markup. It’s a substantial piece of work. We also rounded out the form validation widgets.
You can read more about them here:

Tooltip widget:

Radio Group widget:

Password widget:

Confirm widget:

Additionally, we’ve posted help that shows you how to create XML and HTML data sets using the new data set builder:

And as always, you can check out all of the new features in Dreamweaver CS4 on the What’s New page in help:

On the Spry side, we are looking into a new approach to widgets, with more flexible markup and a clean way to easily make custom widgets. Lots of research happening right now. Hopefully now that DW is done, we can get to releasing something in the near future.