Spry and DW CS4

Hi All,
Well, we have come up for air after the big Dreamweaver effort (The Spry team is a subset of the DW team…) and are surveying the landscape.
I wanted to first update you on what we have been doing.
As I alluded to above, we have been heads down on DW for the last few months. It’s a strong release with many great new features.
DW CS4 will now also support HTML Datasets, with a great interface for selecting data and the ability to easily build some starting Spry markup. It’s a substantial piece of work. We also rounded out the form validation widgets.
You can read more about them here:

Tooltip widget:

Radio Group widget:

Password widget:

Confirm widget:

Additionally, we’ve posted help that shows you how to create XML and HTML data sets using the new data set builder:

And as always, you can check out all of the new features in Dreamweaver CS4 on the What’s New page in help:

On the Spry side, we are looking into a new approach to widgets, with more flexible markup and a clean way to easily make custom widgets. Lots of research happening right now. Hopefully now that DW is done, we can get to releasing something in the near future.