International DW/Spry Help now available

Hey Spry:fans.
We posted Dreamweaver CS4 Help on the Web in English a few weeks ago, which includes all of the new Spry features available in Dreamweaver CS4.
Now, the localized (i.e. translated) Dreamweaver CS4 documents are available in German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Korean.
Below you’ll find links to the translated Spry docs, as well as links to the general "What’s New" sections for the localized versions of Dreamweaver CS4.
Spry-Seiten visuell erstellen
Neue Funktionen
Création de pages Spry visuellement
Dernières nouveautés

Spry ページの視覚的作成
Creazione visiva di pagine Spry
Creación visual de páginas de Spry
Spry 페이지를 시각적으로 작성
새로운 기능

Also, those of you coming to SF for MAX, there will be a few classes where Spry is directly/indirectly used/taught.
Check them out.
And for our European readers, I will be MAX Europe, speaking about DW and Ajax, plus a couple of other things.
Hope to see you there.

3 Responses to International DW/Spry Help now available

  1. V1 | Arnout says:

    Great news,I’m also glad to see that you are going to MAX Europe, I almost had regret of signing up for EU instead of SF, but that just made my day 🙂oh good! See you there.

  2. Gary Gilbert says:

    I havent seen any movement in the development of the spry framework in quite a while, has development stalled?I don’t know if ‘stalled’ is the right word, but we have been busy with DW and other projects.We too are anxious to get another release out.

  3. Gianni says:

    In your MAX Europe conference is available a translate service or is only in english language?I am not sure. I haven’t been to MAX in Europe so I don’t know what kind of translations, if any, are provided.I can assure you that mine will be in English!