New Spry Feature Preview

Hi Spry:fans,
I know that new functionality in Spry has been slow to come and it pains us as well.
I am happy to announce that we have put a new version of SpryData.js on Preview:

As it says, Kin built in a xpath function into SpryData.js. This function checks for the existence of xpath.js.
If found, it uses it.
If xpath.js is not included, the function will handle basic xpath expressions for XML Data sets.
This means that for the 80% case, you won’t need to include xpath.js for your XML Data sets.
That saves you ~72kb
of bandwidth!
This will handle the basic /products/product xpaths. If you need more complicated expressions, then include xpath.js.
We have posted the regular, packed and minified versions.
Please check it out and let us know if you have any issues with it.

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