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Spry UI

Hi Spry:fans,
Good news this time!
We are introducing Spry UI today.
We rethought the way we built widgets and we are happy to FINALLY have new material for you.
Spry UI widgets are completely redesigned from Spry 1.x. Spry UI widgets are more powerful, consistent and customizable then before.
A couple major changes from Spry 1.x:
All widgets have a common base class. Rather than each widget being self contained within one js file, we have broken up widgets into ‘components’. Each component has a built-in set of functionality. A Spry UI widget is simply a set of components stitched together to make a functioning widget.
Not only does this allow for Spry UI widgets to be consistent, but it allows users to create their own widgets by combining components into new configurations.
This means that the include structure is more complicated but more flexible.

Plugins All Spry UI widgets have a plug-in architecture, This means that users can overwrite almost any default functionality with custom functions.

Consistency: Things like notifications are robust and consistent between widgets. This means that is it straightforward to have the widgets and widget components talk between each other.

We are also changing how we distribute these widgets. We are also introducing the Widget Browser. The Widget Browser is an Adobe AIR app that allows you to visually configure the CSS and Javascript properties of the widget. So rather then poke though API docs, you can use the visual interface of the Widget Browser to get the widget ready for your site. The Widget Browser provides a real time, functioning instance of the widget that updates automatically as you make changes.
But the Widget Browser is not just for Spry UI. It is a platform for finding and configuring widgets from any framework.

You can find more info about Spry UI at the Spry Site.

If you want to play around with the Spry UI widgets (and others), get the Widget Browser at

Hope you like the new stuff. Let us know what you think!
The Spry Team