HTML Encrypted Media Proposal

I’m Kevin Streeter and I am an architect with Adobe’s Video Solutions organization.  My expertise lies in the area of media formats, streaming and content delivery in addition to DRM and content protection.   I’ve recently joined with others at Adobe to bring new capabilities (many originally pioneered by Adobe)  to the web platform. My particular areas of focus are media delivery and playback.

As part of this effort, Adobe strongly supports the initiative to add optional support for encrypted media into HTML and the web platform. Content creators want to build new and innovative ways for people to enjoy their content within the browser. We support this initiative to get more content, currently only available using Flash, onto the web using HTML5.

The specification from Microsoft, Google, and Netflix is a great start. I’m looking forward to working with the group to ensure that the web platform is able to support a diverse set of media use cases, both for content that is encrypted and content that is not encrypted.

If you’d like to follow the discussion about adding support for encrypted media in HTML, you can start here.

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