Adobe’s RTMFP Profile for Flash Communication Released

Adobe’s Secure Real-Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP) is a general purpose data transport protocol designed for real-time and peer-to-peer (P2P) communication, and is the foundation of Flash’s P2P capabilities. RTMFP is documented in RFC 7016  published November 2013 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

We have now submitted a companion specification, “Adobe’s RTMFP Profile for Flash Communication” to the IETF Internet-Drafts repository.

This new specification shows how developers can create applications that interoperate with Adobe Flash and Adobe Media Server in client-server and direct client-to-client modes using RTMFP. We believe RTMFP also has applicability beyond Flash, and this specification can help developers understand how to use RTMFP in their own innovations for next-generation real-time and P2P applications.

Adobe continues to develop technologies using RTMFP within Adobe Flash and Adobe Media Server including features like Multicast and Groups, being used today by our customers to deliver high quality video experiences across public and corporate networks.

We are excited to continue making contributions to standards organizations such as the IETF that further Internet technologies for developers and users. As a technology leader, Adobe collaborates with stakeholders from industry, academia and government to develop, drive and support standards in existing and emerging technologies, policy areas, and markets, in order to improve our customers’ experience.

We welcome comments and feedback to help us improve the quality, clarity, and accuracy of this specification and we are excited to see what the Internet community creates with it.

Michael Thornburgh
Senior Computer Scientist

3 Responses to Adobe’s RTMFP Profile for Flash Communication Released

  1. Jeff Ward says:

    That’s great! RTMFP for multicast communication of Flash / AIR apps is a really slick and easy to use tool for creating network-enabled apps. Extending that protocol beyond Flash/AIR is good news!

    Someone should create an implementation in Ruby and incorporate the fantastic Ruby AMF library, rocketamf, and similarly with Node.js.

    • Nicholas Collins says:

      It would be interesting to see what the community does with this and how it compares with what WebRTC is doing.