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Adobe Helps Welcome the ECMAScript Internationalization API

The ECMAScript Internationalization API, an extension to the ECMAScript Language Specification was recently approved. It provides a much-needed API that helps developers create world-ready applications. The new API has been standardized as ECMA-402.

The new API provides developers with the ability to create language and region-sensitive objects for the following needs:

·         collation (sorting text)

·         number formatting

·         date and time formatting

Many standards groups and companies worked together to create the specification. Although these three sets of internationalization functionality do not represent all the needs of a fully global application, the working group was successful in creating an ECMAScript language extension that organizations could agree on, across the software industry.

Although all browsers do not yet support the new API, several browsers have already begun to implement the new specification. Companies that have committed to supporting the specification and will implement the API in future versions of their browsers include Google and Mozilla.

John O’Conner
Globalization Architect