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Adobe Support for Encrypted Media Extensions

Adobe is actively supporting the development of the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) to the HTML5 standard. We are working on implementations of the EME and its companion specification, MSE (Media Source Extensions) and have been regular participants in the task force working sessions and email discussions.

HTML has grown to include many capabilities which were previously only provided by browser plugins like Adobe Flash. As a result, more developers are choosing to build applications using Open Web technologies. However, there are applications that are not possible to build today without extending the browsers capabilities. The inclusion of the <video> tag in particular has been a huge step forward, but that capability is limited to playing unprotected videos. To enable the playing of protected videos like feature-length Hollywood films, developers are forced to rely on plugins or non-standard browser extensions. As Adobe supports Open Web development more and more, we need to find a way to provide this capability to developers. I believe the EME specification will help us provide this capability for customers using our Adobe Primetime products.

This EME specification provides benefits to multiple parties. Content providers will benefit from more standardization of the formats used for delivering protected audio and video, lowering their cost for delivering the content. Developers will benefit from easier and faster cross-platform development by leveraging the common Web stack along with the EME APIs. End users will benefit from being able to stay within the familiar browser environment instead of being forced out to standalone proprietary applications. End users may also benefit from increased content options, due to the lower costs to content providers I mentioned above. Everyone will benefit from the reduced API surface area (as compared to existing plugin based solutions) this exposes to malicious code on the web.

The EME working group has published its First Public Working Draft. We are working with the group to address the issues that have been raised so far and constructive comments are welcome. Adobe is working on our own implementations of EME and once ready, we will make them as widely available as possible. Adobe’s goal is to enable more content to flow to more people on more platforms. I believe strongly that this effort will help us towards achieving that goal.

Joe Steele
Sr. Computer Scientist
Runtime Engineering