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Sanboxes in AIR

Some interesting questions have been raised regarding sandboxing in AIR, and whether the AIR Application sandbox is “weaker” than the equivalent browser sandbox.

On the face of this, this seems like a reasonable assumption to make. Simply adding system access to a browser sandbox would indeed be much scarier, but that is not what happened. In fact, AIR Application sandbox is significantly different from a browser sandbox insofar that many high-risk APIs have been disabled or severely restricted, making it far more difficult to attack such applications. So the AIR sandbox is not weaker than a browser sandbox; it is different, and in many respects stronger.

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AIR Security

We just shipped Adobe AIR 1.0, check it out at!

AIR lets web developers–whether HTML/AJAX, Flex or Flash–build rich and complex applications that run on the desktop. From a security standpoint, the “desktop” part of that is the key.

If you come from a web development background, you find that desktop applications differ significantly security-wise from apps based in the web browser. Desktop applications have direct access to the local system (insofar that the operating system permits, of course), but in return they must be explicitly installed by the user or system administrator.

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