Latest Adobe Story update just released

Did you know the Adobe Story team releases new features about once a month? Today we added a number of features, many of which are designed to make it easier for Story Plus users to manage complex scheduling projects. Here’s what is in today’s release:

  • Support for renaming and updating schedule workspaces
  • Document-level settings for schedule workspaces, so multiple users can share and view settings stored at the document level
  • Multi-location scenes with the same set names can now handle different sets of characters
  • Clicking a scene number in the Scene Property panel now launches the dialo to change the scene number
  • Improved performance when typing

And, as we always do, we also addressed a number of issues reported by our users. If you encounter something untoward in Story’s behavior, please let us know by submitting feedback here.

You can always access the latest release notes right in Story: click on the Home icon, then the Release Notes link on the right edge of the page (see below). Or, access the full Adobe Story Help online.


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