New video: Scheduling a shoot with Adobe Story

Adobe Story is great if you’re working on a spec script destined for the silver screen. But the pragmatic reality is that most video productions are somewhat more grounded in the need to turn a script—which serves as the blueprint for a production—into a finished piece of media, and to get that job done on time and within the project’s budget.

One of the key advantages of Adobe Story is that it integrates powerful writing tools with some really innovative solutions for scheduling a shoot, and keeping everyone involved in that production on the same page—literally, using a wide range of reports. Most of these features are available only in Adobe Story Plus, which you get access to as part of a full Adobe Creative Cloud membership (you can also just subscribe to Adobe Story Plus if you prefer). But the good news is that we’ve added the ability for Story Free users to create three schedules as a way to try out this cool feature.

We’ll go into this in more detail in some future posts, but this video offers a great intro to this area of the product.

And remember, you can always sign into Adobe Story (or create a new Story Free account if you don’t already have one) by navigating to


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