Expanded: scheduling with Adobe Story Plus

Quick update on Nov 12: added a second video that shows how to compare schedules in order to catch any conflicts in Adobe Story Plus.

Even Hollywood blockbusters have to work with finite resources—whether it’s the star of the show, a location, or crew availability—and chances are that whatever production you’re working on has to work within many, many more constraints.

Adobe Story Plus includes powerful built-in scheduling tools that can really help you make the most of the time you have available. This video goes beyond the basics, and shows you how to customize your schedule, sort scenes within a schedule, and make sure the resources you need are available when you require them.

The ability to seamlessly integrate your scripts and the schedules required to produce them is key to what makes Story so unique. For complex productions, you also need to be able to compare schedules to catch any potential conflicts, such as a cast member needed in two locations at the same time, or two different crews that want to use the same set at the same time. This new video introduces how this works in Story Plus. But a word of caution—your script has to include timing information for each scene, otherwise the conflicts won’t show up.