Adobe Story Plus—now available for $9.99USD/month

We’ve got great news! As of December 3rd 2012, we have dropped the price of Story Plus from $24.99 USD/month to $9.99USD/month (with comparable price reductions in all other regions). You can purchase a Story Plus subscription here.

Why such a big change? We want you to use Story Plus! We think it’s the best possible solution for anyone making media, particularly if you’re working on scripted films, television, and other types of video content. The writing tools in Story are great, but the real power comes from integrating your scripts into a powerful scheduling engine that can also generate extremely useful production reports. Script changes? No problem—all you have to do is synch your schedule, then refresh your reports, which is a lot faster and easier than making all of those changes manually. Story Plus is unique in that it combines screenwriting with scheduling, and we’re finding that once folks start using it, they’re hooked.

Here’s a quick link to the feature comparison page that highlights the differences between Story Free and Story Plus:

If you’re currently a Story Plus subscripter paying for a month-to-month subscription, you don’t need to do anything—we’ll just be charging you less every month going forward.

Did you purchase an annual subscription to Story Plus? We’ve got you covered too. While we will no longer be offering the pay-up-front annual subscription option, any current annual subscriptions will run their course as expected, and you don’t have to take any action at all. And because we appreciate your early vote of confidence in the future of Adobe Story, we’re extending all of the Story Plus annual subscriptions by 6 months at no cost—which means that you’re effectively getting the new lower price for the duration of your subscription.

We’re excited about Story’s bright future, and we’d love to have everyone using Story Free tap into the power of the feature we have in Story Plus. More to follow! And as always, you can create a new Story Free account or log into your account at


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