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Adobe Story & Adobe Creative Cloud—the awesome twosome!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the latest and greatest edition of Adobe Story through Creative Cloud! What’s more—if you are a Creative Cloud subscriber, you already have access to Story Plus and all the rich features that come with it.

We’re very excited about this release and have been looking forward to it for a long time. Exciting new versions of all our other creative application are also being released today.

Access Story Plus through Creative Cloud

Accessing Story Plus through Creative Cloud is easy:

  1. Go to and sign in with your Adobe ID.
  2. Click Download Center in the topbar.
  3. Click the Get Started link for Story Plus. Story Plus launches and displays your current projects if any.

Learn more about Adobe Story

If you’re interested in learning more about Adobe Story, look no further than this Help landing page. If you have questions that are not addressed in the documentation, feel free to post them to the forum.