New Adobe pricing – An honest perspective


I ran across this article from TNW, on facebook (of all places).

Now, I don’t want to over-plug the Creative Cloud, but the perspective from this article is really spot on.

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The price really is amazing for all you get. The only real question is, are you familiar enough with all the products to take proper advantage of such a great deal?

I know for me I’ve avoided using Dreamweaver in the past for HTML / Javascript editing. It just seemed too bulky. ¬†With DW 6, however, I’ve changed my mind. The add-on features it has make it worth learning and using. Yes, [insert your notepad-like editor of choice] will always be faster for quick editing, but the load up time is now tolerable (not the first time you open it after install– that still sucks), and SO worth it now:

  • Refactoring / Code completion is top notch and customizable
  • dynamic parsing of javascript libraries = most comprehensive autocomplete I’ve seen to date
  • live code actually works now – no more save-put-refresh-firebug tango!
  • linked files available and editable in one click (not new, but still awesome)
  • helpers for building apps ala PhoneGap
  • the “Code View” with a couple of tweaks is the best of both worlds: clean & simple IDE, all the bells and whistles are quickly accessible.

And that’s just Dreamweaver. The new Photoshop and Illustrator are amazing, with about 5 other products all getting honorable mention ribbons.

And thenРAdd the cloud services:  Storage, Collaboration, Test Servers, etc.

And if you’re a student or past customer, $360 for a full year? Ridiculously good deal. That’s less than you spend on coffee.

If you’re one of those people that uses multiple products in your everyday workflow, Creative Cloud makes today a very happy day indeed.



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