Pleasantness in my idiocy

Okay, this is one of those moments when I realized that I’m still a noob in SO many ways, but i really don’t care, because what I found/discovered makes me so happy that it trumps my insecurities.

Being able to cycle between windows in the same app, on a Mac, is something that (until today) I wasn’t aware had a shortcut key.
So, for example, if you have multiple windows of Chrome and you want to cycle between them, or you have multiple emails open in Outlook and want to go between them instead of seeing your inbox, you can simply press this key combo, and it will cycle for you!

I found it by accident, which makes it even sweeter:



That’s right, that top left ` key, just below the ESC button will toggle screens for you.

If anyone else out there didn’t know that this existed, you’re welcome. If you already knew this existed, and are silently judging me, I don’t care; I’m experiencing pleasantness in my idiocy 🙂



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