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Meteor – A Copperfield-esque Javascript Framework

I’ve been going over Javascript frameworks for the past couple of days. Everything from Processingjs and raphaeljs to Jquery and Mootools (a longer post on this later), and I hit something that just pretty much blew my mind.

Meteorjs (or just Meteor, if you want to get semantic) is a framework being built by a gifted, prolific group of scientists, which uses the binding and instant update techniques found in Handlebars, Nodejs, etc, but does it in a way that at first glance may actually qualify as magic. No, seriously.

After you watch the introductory video, you will say “how the heck did they do that??!??”

That’s the definition of a magic trick, is it not?



Betchu money if the fellas at read the above, one of them will say, “illusion, Michael!…


At any rate, for the love of all that is holy, go check out Meteor. It’s got some serious, serious potential.