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Swiper, no Swiping… Swiper, no….You’re Toooooo Late!

I’ll expand on this post with a specific example in a few days, but I wanted to get a shout out to Vladimir Kharlampidi for his new Swiper library.

It’s a Carousel, it’s an app-store slider, it’s Windows Metro, all in one slick, performant package. It’s new, it’s FREE, and it just works.

It even asks you to Touch it. How lascivious!

It even asks you to Touch it. How lascivious!

There are some bugs and missing API calls ( .index() and .currentSlide() need to be fixed, and you absolutely need to get to the baseSlides when params.loop = true — I’ll prob. submit the pull requests) so if you want to get programmatic you have to do a little bit of landscaping, but it’s competitive with any other HTML slider out there, works 100% with touch, and it’s fast.

Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?

Check it out, and tell your friends.


Seeing the trends, and hanging 10 at CES

CES (the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) is a pretty interesting place. The sheer size of it makes for so many different and interesting situations that one could find something to write about, regardless of the subject matter.

The subject I’d like to talk about is trends. And I don’t mean what trends are finally here and available as products (multi-touch, waterproof electronics, etc). I mean the trends that are coming up just under the radar, right on the horizon.

See, I’ve been coming to CES for 3 years now, and you kind of get this… Continue reading…