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Jamia University visit : Streaming Media Program

Today we did the follow-up session in Jamia after our initial visit with an introductory session on Streaming one month ago. It was basically a ‘Hands-on’ Training session, in which we demonstrated how to create basic streaming applications using Flash Builder 4 and server-side action script.

The response was very good. The students are hungry to learn and attempt.

All of them had FMS installed on their machines (very nice to see the start up page that pops up after the installation on all the lab machines ! ) and were exploring live streaming using FMLE. There were almost 60-70 students from 3rd and 4th year Computer Sciences Department.

Here, we demonstrated them creating small client-server application to connect to FMS server that can play live and archived video streams. Student version of Flash Builder and FMS development server was being used for this purpose. Also described about the FMS process and monitoring their server using fms admin console and debugging using traces, application logs and other diagnostic logs. A small chat application that uses sharedObjects have also been illustrated there and work flow has been described.

Students did show interest and were able to follow the training all along. At the end of the session we provided three problem statements to the students to solve ranging for intermediate to hard level project modules that would around a month to complete.

This was the second visit to any of the educational institutions in NCR region and gave us lots of insights already as to how well equipped we should be while addressing to the student community.

It was a fascinating experience so far with all the events going on under the banner of Streaming Media India Program. Two student visits along with three customer interactions were done in a span of three months.

We started with an initial session to a august gathering of customers in and around NCR , a whole day session broken into five sub-presentations. The first experience was really tasty and inspired the appetite for many improvements to make it better.

Without much gap before the next event, we visited the Noida campus of HCL to address a richly experienced gathering of developers, project managers and leads. It was a repeat of the same session but were faced with lot more technical queries instigating deeper study and clarifications from our side.

With the feedback received and retrospection, we improved the session content to best fit and that showed in the third event for customers, this time sticking back to the beloved Adobe campus itself.

The experience gained so far was gainful, encouraging and at the same time thought and action provoking. Making the best use of this unique opportunity would the most beneficial directly for the students, customers, to us as a part of the Flash Media Server Team and indirectly to the Knowledge society that we are unconsciously building !

Hoping to see brighter avenues,

Streaming Media Program India (

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Streaming Media Program : Problem Statement

Problem Statements for Streaming Media Program :

1.     Build a multicast enabled peer-to-peer intra-institutional video conferencing application using Flash Media Server 4.0 as the backend server and a client application based on Flash.

  • Flash Media Server 4 to be used in multicasting mode : RTMFP is the protocol.
  • Flash Builder to be used to build the client applications and AS3 is the scripting language.
  • Two-way video conferencing should be enabled.
  • Text chat, mute/unmute, video recording are also to be included as ‘expected features’
  • QOS and other statistics to be obtained.
  • Desktop and Screen sharing are the ‘extra features’ that are good to have.

2.     Build a OSMF based video player that can do the following :

  • Multi bit-rate streaming of videos
  • Video playback of live events
  • Overlay of video content like text, graphics, score cards, photos etc.
  • Dynamic playlist creation on the client side.
  • RTMP/RTMPE/RTMPTE fall back mechanism
  • SWF verification to be enabled
  • QOS and logging to be enabled
  • Full screen mode, Digital video recording to be present.
  • Embed URL to be provided for faster accessibility

Before trying to attempt the above statements, as a warm up, you can try with a smaller problem statement below :

(Please watch out this space for any updates and additional problem statements).

Create a RTMP FMS application along with a very basic client application that does the following :

  • The server side application takes live video from Flash Media Live Encoder.
  • Client application should be able to subscribe to this stream published from the Flash Media Live Encoder with the following : Print the Metadata of the live stream coming in, check the bandwidth between the client and the server and print it on the client.
  • The server side application along with taking the live stream from the flash media live encoder should be able to record the stream on the server.

Helpful resources :

OSMF Player :

Flash Media Server :

Mailing Alias:

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