Streaming Media Program : Problem Statement

Problem Statements for Streaming Media Program :

1.     Build a multicast enabled peer-to-peer intra-institutional video conferencing application using Flash Media Server 4.0 as the backend server and a client application based on Flash.

  • Flash Media Server 4 to be used in multicasting mode : RTMFP is the protocol.
  • Flash Builder to be used to build the client applications and AS3 is the scripting language.
  • Two-way video conferencing should be enabled.
  • Text chat, mute/unmute, video recording are also to be included as ‘expected features’
  • QOS and other statistics to be obtained.
  • Desktop and Screen sharing are the ‘extra features’ that are good to have.

2.     Build a OSMF based video player that can do the following :

  • Multi bit-rate streaming of videos
  • Video playback of live events
  • Overlay of video content like text, graphics, score cards, photos etc.
  • Dynamic playlist creation on the client side.
  • RTMP/RTMPE/RTMPTE fall back mechanism
  • SWF verification to be enabled
  • QOS and logging to be enabled
  • Full screen mode, Digital video recording to be present.
  • Embed URL to be provided for faster accessibility

Before trying to attempt the above statements, as a warm up, you can try with a smaller problem statement below :

(Please watch out this space for any updates and additional problem statements).

Create a RTMP FMS application along with a very basic client application that does the following :

  • The server side application takes live video from Flash Media Live Encoder.
  • Client application should be able to subscribe to this stream published from the Flash Media Live Encoder with the following : Print the Metadata of the live stream coming in, check the bandwidth between the client and the server and print it on the client.
  • The server side application along with taking the live stream from the flash media live encoder should be able to record the stream on the server.

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