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New Session: A Brief Tour of the Future of Media

Join Adobe’s chief strategist, Mark Randall, for advanced technology on a guided tour through the wild future of digital media, marketing, and creativity. What will media look like tomorrow? Who will create it, where will it be delivered, how will it be measured, and who will profit? As the media industry undergoes disruption, old values will be challenged and emerge as new opportunities. Are you ready? To exploit these opportunities, you need new creative tools, services, and thinking. Adobe’s bold investments in research and development are already leading the way. Discover how Adobe’s creative tools and cloud technologies can drive your success today and tomorrow.

In this session:

  • Learn about tools and services that allow you to create, publish, promote, and monetize your content, now and in the future
  • Explore new ways to deliver and publish your content to maximize effectiveness
  • Discover how to measure and profit from your content

This session is for advertisers, business executives, publishers, content strategists, and marketing developers.

S411 – Thursday March 22 at 1.30pm

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Two New Sessions Announced for Wednesday

Are you into gamification or do you prefer to spend quiet afternoons rethinking the way you do business? Either way, we’ve got you covered. On Wednesday, March 21, Justin Choi, President and CEO of Cie Digital Labs joins us this year to share how social gaming can help drive audience engagement and monetization. And Jim Stengel, marketing author and brand visionary, will present insights from a study of 50,000 brands that showcase what the world’s best businesses are doing to win in any  market condition.

Speaker: Justin Choi, President and CEO, Cie Digital Labs

Wednesday, March 21 at 3:30pm

S609: Gamification or Jedi mind tricks? How social games drive engagement and monetization

Ever wonder how social games get millions of people to spend billions of minutes—and billions of dollars—playing simple games? Social games use game mechanics that play on psychological triggers. Using large amounts of usage data to monitor in-game behavior, these mechanics are fine-tuned to drive users to spend hours playing games and spend real money for virtual goods. These game mechanics are being applied to all areas of business, including marketing, training, sales, and management. This “gamification” of non-game activities can be used to influence behavior in real-world environments. Learn how you can leverage these mechanics as Jedi mind tricks.

Speaker: Jim Stengel, President and CEO, The Jim Stengel Company

Wednesday, March 21 at 11:45am

S114: The Stengel 50: Learning from the ideals of the world’s greatest companies

Maximum growth and high ideals are not incompatible—in fact, they’re inseparable. Jim Stengel, author of Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies, presents a unique 10-year growth study of 50,000 brands showing how the world’s 50 best businesses, as diverse as Discovery Channel, Innocent, Lindt, Method, and Pampers, have a cause-and-effect relationship between financial performance and their ability to connect with fundamental human emotions, hopes, values, and greater purposes.

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Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Now Speaking at Adobe Summit

Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group will present “How to Get Your Business Ready to do Social Business Like the Big Dogs

Thursday, March 22 at 11am.

Whether your company is big or small, getting ready for social business is at the top of the agenda. Unlike outsourcing to a third-party agency, a high degree of internal change must occur inside your company to make this happen, including getting the right roles, processes, systems, and strategy in place. Learn from Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang how companies get organized internally to connect with their customers. Receive pragmatic advice based on original research, and get answers to some of the toughest questions companies are facing as they mobilize their social efforts.

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