2 New Sessions Added: Advanced Audience Segmentation & Social Media Personalization

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Thursday @ 11am
S408 – Advanced audience segmentation: Combining multiple data sources to create meaningful user profiles
Audience segments are the foundation of any effective advertising campaign. However, the challenge to turn disparate data sources into meaningful and targetable profiles can be overwhelming. Discover some advanced tips and tricks to help understand and manage multiple data sources and the tools available to create rich audience segments.

Learn about:
•Aligning multiple data sources into a single system
•Applying different data sources to define valid segments
•Creating segments that map to media buys

This session is for advertising and agency professionals.


Thursday @ 2:45pm
S603 – Personalization powered by social media: What happens when you know more about your customers than they do?
Age, gender, relationship status, personal interests, even favorite books and movies… an individual’s social profile contains a range and depth of information previously unseen and unavailable to marketers. Learn how to – in a safe, permission-based way – use your visitors’ social profile data to enable personalization and targeting, making your digital experiences spot-on relevant and profitable.

This session covers:
•Using social plug-ins, like Facebook for Websites, to incentivize engagement and obtain better customer insight
•Mining social data for insights and creating customer segments used for targeting
•Step-by-step instructions on implementing and executing a social media–powered personalization campaign

This session is for digital marketers across all industries.

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