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We Found a Camera – is it yours?

Phone found on Wednesday in Ballroom I after the session 510: Digital marketing optimization

Please go to registration if you need to claim it.

So wait…Where are the Ballrooms exactly?

Good question.

If your session is located in Ballrooms A – J, you can enter from the Grand Ballroom entrances either just left of registration, or behind the escalators that lead up to the 200 rooms.

New Session: Thriving in the Era of Digital Disruption

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S208: Thriving in the era of digital disruption

Digital is transforming business, not just marketing—and only customer-obsessed businesses will differentiate themselves from competitors. Learn about using interactive marketing tools, like search, social, mobile, and display ads, to help your business become more customer-obsessed and stay in front of digital disruption.

This session looks at:

  • What is digital disruption and why does it matter
  • How interactive marketing tools can help you be customer-obsessed
  • What to do to differentiate yourself in the era of digital disruption

This session is for interactive marketers and CMOs.

Presented by Shar VanBoskirk, Vice President/Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Thursday, March 22, 1:30pm-2:30pm

2 New Sessions Added: Advanced Audience Segmentation & Social Media Personalization

2 new sessions added to Adobe Digital Marketing session scheduler. Go now to sign up.
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Thursday @ 11am
S408 – Advanced audience segmentation: Combining multiple data sources to create meaningful user profiles
Audience segments are the foundation of any effective advertising campaign. However, the challenge to turn disparate data sources into meaningful and targetable profiles can be overwhelming. Discover some advanced tips and tricks to help understand and manage multiple data sources and the tools available to create rich audience segments.

Learn about:
•Aligning multiple data sources into a single system
•Applying different data sources to define valid segments
•Creating segments that map to media buys

This session is for advertising and agency professionals.


Thursday @ 2:45pm
S603 – Personalization powered by social media: What happens when you know more about your customers than they do?
Age, gender, relationship status, personal interests, even favorite books and movies… an individual’s social profile contains a range and depth of information previously unseen and unavailable to marketers. Learn how to – in a safe, permission-based way – use your visitors’ social profile data to enable personalization and targeting, making your digital experiences spot-on relevant and profitable.

This session covers:
•Using social plug-ins, like Facebook for Websites, to incentivize engagement and obtain better customer insight
•Mining social data for insights and creating customer segments used for targeting
•Step-by-step instructions on implementing and executing a social media–powered personalization campaign

This session is for digital marketers across all industries.

New Session: A Brief Tour of the Future of Media

Join Adobe’s chief strategist, Mark Randall, for advanced technology on a guided tour through the wild future of digital media, marketing, and creativity. What will media look like tomorrow? Who will create it, where will it be delivered, how will it be measured, and who will profit? As the media industry undergoes disruption, old values will be challenged and emerge as new opportunities. Are you ready? To exploit these opportunities, you need new creative tools, services, and thinking. Adobe’s bold investments in research and development are already leading the way. Discover how Adobe’s creative tools and cloud technologies can drive your success today and tomorrow.

In this session:

  • Learn about tools and services that allow you to create, publish, promote, and monetize your content, now and in the future
  • Explore new ways to deliver and publish your content to maximize effectiveness
  • Discover how to measure and profit from your content

This session is for advertisers, business executives, publishers, content strategists, and marketing developers.

S411 – Thursday March 22 at 1.30pm

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Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Now Speaking at Adobe Summit

Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group will present “How to Get Your Business Ready to do Social Business Like the Big Dogs

Thursday, March 22 at 11am.

Whether your company is big or small, getting ready for social business is at the top of the agenda. Unlike outsourcing to a third-party agency, a high degree of internal change must occur inside your company to make this happen, including getting the right roles, processes, systems, and strategy in place. Learn from Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang how companies get organized internally to connect with their customers. Receive pragmatic advice based on original research, and get answers to some of the toughest questions companies are facing as they mobilize their social efforts.

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New Yahoo! session on Digital Publishing added; popular sessions get a 2nd run

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  • Wed 3/21 at 2:00pm — S202 The evolution of digital publishing

Also, we just added a second instance of the following sessions:

  • Wednesday 3/21 @ 11:30am — S111 Digital governance: Defining a strategic roadmap for data-driven success
  • Wed 3/21 @ 2:00pm — S301 Social, mobile, and location analytics converge to provide new insights (Vail Resorts)

Popular Summit 2012 Sessions Repeated!

Check your Summit Scheduler for these popular sessions, which are being repeated to ensure more people can attend. You can sign up now!

In the Analytics track:

  • Wed 11:30am – S109 Predictive marketing: No PhD in statistics required!
  • Wed 2pm – S104 Trials and tribulations—tough verdicts in cross-channel attribution
  • Wed 3:30pm – S103 Introducing Adobe Discover 3: Bye-bye page pathing, hello sequential analysis
  • Thurs 11am – S102: Adobe SiteCatalyst 15: Advanced approaches to achieving data-driven euphoria
  • Thur 1:30pm – S110 Analytics action heroes: Learn digital kung-fu from analytics masters
  • Thur 2:45pm – S101 Adobe SiteCatalyst: The Essentials

Biz Stone Presenting at Adobe Summit 2012

Biz Stone is the latest industry stalwart to join the keynote presenters at Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2012. Read more on the blog.

Arianna Huffington Onboard for Summit Keynote!

Arianna Huffington, described by Fortune Magazine as one of the few people who “get” the Internet, will discuss online and social media trends, looking into the future where she sees traditional media and new media become one. If you haven’t registered for Summit yet, now is the time!